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Water quality and performance in rabbit breeding

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Animal health & wellbeingWater treatment

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France - Domsure (01)

Frustrated at their inability to solve the respiratory and digestive problems associated with an abnormally stressed behavior of their rabbits and a mortality rate of up to 20% at 70 days on some bands, a couple of Ain breeders called for Natur’Ethique’s expertise.

After diagnosis, it turned out that the rabbits suffered from the disruptive effects of a ground fault under the building and poor water quality (presence of biofilms).

Natur’Ethique recommended for ERS Oscillators to be installed as well as an ANAQUA water treatment system to be put in place.

It only took a few hours after the installation of the units for the animals to regain a calm state. An improvement of health conditions has also been observed: the fattening mortality is reduced to 8-10% and health costs are reduced by 42%.

At the same time, economic performance has increased sharply from one year to the next: The average weight of rabbits has increased by 9.7% (more than 200g), the declassification rate has dropped by 44% and the yield has increased by almost 2 points.

Finally, the disappearance of olfactory nuisance by the reduction of ammonia levels contributes to a better atmosphere in the buildings. Drier waste no longer attracts flies. Manure transformation is faster, improving spreading conditions.

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