Application and project

Performance increase on a duck farm

Application type

Animal health & wellbeing

Location :

France - Bas-Rhin (67)

At the request of a veterinarian, Natur’Ethique was brought in to face recurrent pathologies on ducks.

After an abnormally high mortality rate, health problems and poor production yields were observed, Natur’Ethique’s diagnosis evidenced the disruptive influence of electric and electromagnetic fields on the ducks.

Our comprehensive action plan enabled the set up of several corrective actions combining the ERS technology and our NFeed-natural amendment for animals, as well as suggestions of actions to be undertaken by the farmer in other fields.

The ducks have since recovered and reached optimal health conditions. The average duck liver weight increased by 35% and the duck breast yield increased by 25%.

The mortality rate dropped from 20% to 4%, and is now close to zero.

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