Application and project

Yield optimization and pest control on hibiscus flowers

Application type

CropsPest controlWater treatment

Location :

French Polynesia - Moorea

Natur’Ethique’s Polynesian partner, Mahikea, was brought in to audit a hibiscus garden, whose flower yield had dwindled down to zero.

The audit showed that the plants were suffering from a number of pest invasions (mealybugs, ants, beetles, sooty mold, aphids, mites and thrips) limiting their leaf and flower bud development.

Our partner set up the use of NATUR’AQUA-treated water coupled with our range of N-SOIL-activated organic soil amendments, in order to naturally regenerate the soil biodiversity.

After 6 months without any floral yield, it only took 6 weeks of our 100%-natural treatment for the garden to recover and return to a daily flower production!

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