Application and project

Olfactory nuisance reduction in a poultry farm

Application type

Animal health & wellbeingWater treatment

Location :

France - Allier (03)

After his application for a new building permit was refused as the result of a public inquiry and complaints from nearby residents about the odours released by his first building, a duck farmer asked for Natur’Ethique’s intervention.

Following the Inquiry Commission request for an olfactory nuisance reduction solution to be implemented imperatively before they could grant the building permit, Natur’Ethique presented them with the NATUR’AQUA water treatment and ERS systems. Following the unanimous vote in favour of our performing, natural and cost-saving project, the authorization to build the new duck keeping building was granted and our comprehensive solution was installed.

The outcome is unequivocal: The emission of detrimental gases has dropped by 80% and the two buildings now generate less odours than the first building alone used to.

The duck farmer has since received encouragements from the nearby residents formerly opposed to this project.

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