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Diagnostics and wellbeing improvement for suckler cows

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Animal health & wellbeingCropsWater treatment

Location :

France - Saône-et-Loire (71)

In order to help resolve health issues with his suckler cows herd, a local farmer contacted Natur’Ethique. The 250 cows were facing severe health problems, among which numerous neonatal diarrhoea cases, and healthcare costs accounted for a high share of total expenses.

Beyond these initial findings Natur’Ethique was able to bring to light, through its unique method and measuring instruments, numerous electric and electromagnetic field disturbances that seemed to be at the root of the herd health problems.

The corrective action set up by Natur’Ethique against disturbing factors, coupled with the installation of the NATUR’AQUA-treated water system enabled the herd to recover and reach optimal health and wellbeing conditions.

In 2 years, the calf mortality rate dropped from 7.1% to 2.2% and the average calving interval decreased from 400 to 368 days.

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