Application and project

Water distribution system optimization on a dairy farm

Application type

Animal health & wellbeingCropsWater treatment

Location :

France - Puy-de-Dôme (63)

At the request of an Organic dairy farm specialised in processing milk for yoghurts and dairy desserts, Natur’Ethique was brought in to propose solutions to complex issues around water quality (biofilms in water pipes leading to contaminations, lowering milk prices), milking hygiene, the presence of a number of somatic cells (repeated mastitis) and the difficulty of maintaining hygiene in milk processing.

The disruptive influence of electric and electromagnetic fields was also evidenced during Natur’Ethique’s diagnosis, and corrections were set up in order to counteract these effects. The NATUR’AQUA water treatment system was installed and connected to the water supply network of the dairy farm.

The dairy farmer soon noticed a significant improvement of cattle overall health and wellbeing. His cattle healthcare costs were divided by 4, the occurrence of mastitis decreased from 54 to 4 per year and the cell rate decreased to a stable level of 230 000 up until today. The installation of NATUR’AQUA also induced the replacement of chemicals with our natural solution for the cleaning and disinfection of milking machines.

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