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How can we cultivate better so we can eat better? How can we jumpstart the agricultural transition?

With the answers to those questions in our line of sight, Natur’Ethique has spent the past 20 years developing innovative solutions for a healthier, more sustainable and more profitable agriculture.

Life is built upon a delicate balance linking water, soil, plants and animals. For more than 20 years, Natur’Ethique has been building on this comprehensive approach to develop the tools necessary to maintain this balance, for a healthier, more sustainable and yet profitable agriculture, naturally!

Natur’Ethique offers all-around solutions, combining products, services, and technical tools, all within a comprehensive agricultural rebalancing strategy. Chronic pathologies, parasites, barren soils... It’s time we stop focusing solely on symptoms! Natur’Ethique’s range of products & services, through their action on the different natural compartments necessary to a high-quality sustainable agriculture, can not only better soil fertility and crop yields, but also help achieve a higher-quality harvest, healthier animals, and a dramatic reduction in pesticide and antibiotics use.

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Water is essential for life. But when contaminated or unsanitary, it can also be the source of a number of illnesses, chronic pathologies or profitability losses. Often overlooked, water quality and distribution systems are key to healthier crops and animals.

Working hand in hand with farmers, operators and veterinarians for the past 20 years, Natur’Ethique has co-developed the Natur'Aqua water treatment systems, for a healthier, more hydrating and more active water. Based on a 3-in-1 electrolysis concept, the Natur'Aqua systems can generate neutral anolyte, a natural solution with anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Quality and quantity-controlled on the spot, our neutral anolyte solution can help reduce the appearance of biofilms, bacterial contaminations and even the use of pesticides and antibiotics.

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A better knowledge of your animals for an appeased and healthier herd: that’s 5mVet’s vision and the basis for the training sessions we offer.

As a registered training provider, 5mVet creates and runs our field training sessions countrywide. Interactive and hands-on, our training is aimed at cattle farm owners, technicians and even vets, through farmers’ associations, syndicates and even local chambers of agriculture. Conducted on location, all our training sessions encompass theoretical and practical components. Not only will trainees be able to gain new in-depth knowledge, but they will also be able to learn how to collect and analyze samples in real time, hence getting some insight on the health of their own herd right there and then ! Our aim is to help all farmers get a better understanding of the biological parameters that can be used as indicators of their animals’ wellness.

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Electromagnetic waves are all around us. From X-rays to radio waves, their harmfulness is directly correlated to their frequency.

Mobile phones, Wi-Fi networks, UV rays, high voltage overhead lines… Even at the heart of farms and barns, electromagnetic waves can sometimes alter the health and wellness of animals: chronic pathologies, stress or abnormal feeding behaviors. Working directly alongside veterinarians and farmers, Natur’Ethique created the ERS product range. Tailored for each situation and location, the range of ERS modules can help mitigate the effects of electromagnetic radiations, without having to sacrifice the performance of the devices emitting them!

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