Expo du Futur – Congratulations to the breeders

- 22/06/2022

On June 17 and 18, 2022 at the “Expo du Futur”, Natur’Ethique supported the departmental and inter-regional competition for dairy and suckler cows.

We are proud to announce that the breeders who put their trust in us, won 26 prizes with 19 animals in possession of their full potential, both in dairy and meat breeds.

We congratulate them once again 👏 !


Breeders: are you looking for excellent advice and customised solutions? Our unique approach establishes the link between Water-Soil-Plant-Animal-Breeder.

Contact us 👉 Tel 04 74 30 27 13 / www.naturethique.com / service-client@naturethique.com

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