Second machine installed at our client’s Suckler cattle farm – Nièvre

- 15/02/2022

Trust X2! 1 year after the installation of the first Natur ‘ Aqua water treatment machine 💧 a SECOND machine is joining the family Gaec DUBUIS for their second suckler cattle building in the Nièvre. Visible results after 2 months on animals and the environment are again observed. But above all, this investment benefits breeders who testify to the benefits felt in their daily work: reduced workload, reduced stress, more serenity.
On the breeding side, the lights are all green 🟢:
📉 Reduction of greenhouse gases, dry, healthy and odorless atmosphere
📉 Lower inputs (phyto-sanitary products)
📈 Improved animal health (especially calf health)
Next steps of our support desired by the Gaec Dubuis:
🤝 Grass/grazing management and soil dynamics
🤝 Optimization of effluent management
🤝 Reduced use of mineral fertilizers
The Natur’Ethique team of experts is happy to support them with its advice in all these areas. Interested? Why not you ?
Contact us 👉 Tel 04 74 30 27 13

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