Collaboration with the SEFRA

- 27/02/2020

That’s it ! In view of the encouraging results following the first tests carried out in 2019, we are proud to announce that the 2-year research program in collaboration with the SEFRA (the Experimental Station FRuits of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) is launched !
This project aims to study the use of anolyte/catolyte waters obtained by electrolysis through the installation of the Natur’Aqua concept machine as an alternative to phytosanitary treatments in arboriculture on the moniliasis on apricot blossom and peach fruit.
It is the concretization of the first tests and follow-ups which took place in spring and summer 2019 via the conventional counting methods and the methods of measurement in redox potential Eh/pH/conductivity (measurement method developed by the CIRAD/Olivier Husson).

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